Wednesday, March 30, 2005


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Detail of a fountain in Dresden, Germany.

Detail of a fountain in Dresden, Germany.

King John and his faithful steed thunder past Dresden's Semper opera house on thier way through the Theaterplatz.

Mad King Ludwig's gloriously overblown fairytale castle, Neuschwanstein. The most popular destination of Bavaria and the inspiration for Walt Disney's castle, Neuschwanstein is, in fact, only 120 years old.

Neuschwanstein Castle in fog, Bavaria.

Neuschwanstein Castle as seen from Marienbrucke bridge.

The Koln Dom is Germany's most impressive Gothic cathedral.

A street artist chalks the square in front of the Koln Dom.

Detail of a stained glass window inside Koln Dom.

Unknown statue in Humboldt Square (?), Berlin.

Cocooned within the glass cupola of Germany's Parliament building, the Reichstag.

The last of 14 original city gates, Brandenburg, which once seperated East Berlin from West Berlin, now serves as a busy thoroughfare.

Detail of the Goddess of Peace atop the Brandenburg gate, Berlin.

Berliner Dom; Berlin, Germany.

Once 160 km long, the infamous Berlin Wall is now a sort of goodwill, public art gallery.

Berlin's bombed-out Kaiser Wilhelm Church now stands as a memorial to WWII, shattered and broken.

Passing the town of Bacharach while lazily drifting down the Rhine River in Germany.

Germany's Black Forest.

Germany's Black Forest.

A tiny chapel on the perimeter of the Black Forest, Germany.

Swaddled in a mysterious forest, Castle Berg Eltz is one of Europe's most breathtaking structures; Mosel Valley, Germany.

Berg Eltz Castle; Mosel Valley, Germany.

Dachau concentration camp, outside Munich.

"Work Makes Free" The doors of Dachau Concentraion Camp mock its prisoners.

The foundations of one of the barracks at Dachau.

Interrogation chair, Dachau Concentration Camp.

Human ovens are now cooled in Dachau, Nazi Germany's first concentration camp.

Detail of a memorial statue at Dachau Concentration Camp outside Munich.


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